Ashtanga Jargon Explained

Ashtanga is yoga in one of it's purest forms.

That is obviously a very biased statement. But, I stand by it. I've tried many kinds of yoga, starting from bikram, hatha, power, iyengar, sivananda, etc. and I strongly believe that we are all drawn to different elements of different practices. It turns out that my personality needs the rigid discipline required by a Mysore* practice to calm my monkey mind.

It's not for everyone, but you gotta try it. 

'Mysore' is the type of class setting that Ashtanga is practiced in traditionally

A 'mysore' practice generally requires an early morning practice for 6 days a week. you go into a room with your mat and start your practice. That's it. Other people come and go and do the same. Your teacher will find you.

This will change your life. It changed mine

'Primary Series' - The basics of ashtanga yoga which comprises a rigid sequence of poses (asanas). You do not get to do your 'own' primary series. We all do the same. Got it? ok good.

Arguably one of the most rigid forms of practice. The primary series comprises of a standing sequence and a seated sequence - to put it simply. 

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