Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 28,29,30 - Have Faith.

Day 28 
Ladies Holiday aka Bitches' day off, but this time with NO PAIN. yoga cures cramps y'all

Day 29
Home practice. I had an allergic reaction to some chickpeas. It wasn't the nicest of days.

Day 30

I'm half way there. Writing has been really helpful to my practice as it gives me a chance to reflect. Maybe I should just have a journal and not bore you guys? Just kiddin, I love the attention.

Today was Friday led class with Nea and it felt amazing as always. I felt light and I did my Bhujapidasana and back bending with new found vigor. Today's yoga sutra topic was interesting

"clarity is preceded by faith, energy, memory and equalminded contemplation
-Yoga Sutra 1.20

Clarity = Samadhi.
Clarity of mind.
Are you there?
Does it come naturally?
Or do you have to work on it? How far do you go every day to achieve it?
Ashtangis generally go too far.

This is a beautiful piece to watch: 

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